Monday, April 2, 2012

Bloggiesta and March Wrap Up

Time for a Wrap Up, or two.  Bloggiesta is coming to an end.  Unfortunately, I did not finish all on my list.  Here's an update of what I got done:
  1. Reorganize labels. 04/01/12
  2. Create images for rating system. 04/01/12
  3. Create a more comprehensive (explanation of) rating system. 04/01/12 here
  4. Update challenge posts. 04/01/12 
  5. Create a review archives page. 04/01/12 here
  6. Update Goodreads shelves and reviews.
  7. Write 2 reviews.
  8. Create a header and buttons. 03/31/12 (see above for header, see sidebar for button)
  9. Create a signature. 03/30/12 (see end of post)
  10. Update currently reading. 04/01/12 (see sidebar)
  11. Catch up on BBPOC panels.
  12. Pick books to read in April and create a list. 04/01/12
  13. Add current events/giveaways/blog hops to sidebar. 03/31/12 (see sidebar)
  14. Create post template for reviews. 03/31/12
  15. Visit other Bloggiesta participants! 04/01/12
I also completed some of the mini challenges!
I learned a lot from the mini challenges, and it also pushed me to do stuff that needed to be done that I hadn't thought of (especially backing up my blog!).  All in all, Bloggiesta was quite productive, even if I didn't finish everything.  I also added some stuff to my ever-growing to-do list that I saw on other bloggers' lists. :)

Something I would like to learn, and maybe someone will do a mini-challenge on it next Bloggiesta, is how people do those drop down menus for their pages when you hover over it (does that make sense?.  I know it's something to do with coding, but I just don't know where to go to learn blogger

April 1 is not just the end of also means March has ended!  Time for a brief March wrap up!

Challenges completed: 0. EPIC FAIL!  But I did manage to write 4 reviews this month.  I think that's a record for most reviews I've written in a month since the start of this blog.  I hope that number will continue to increase!  My favorite book that I read this month would have to be Lola and the Boy Next Door.  Loved it!  

Alright, that's pretty much it.  I cleaned up my challenges page to get rid of the March challenges and other finished challenges, and will be adding April challenges soon.  Start of a new month = new challenges to complete!

Until next time~


  1. Great job! I adore your header! It's so pretty. :) And the button looks really good, too!  You did an awesome job completing a lot of the items on the list -- that's excellent! 

    Hope to see you next Bloggiesta!

  2. Looks like you had a very productive Bloggiesta!  Nice job crossing so much off your to-do list.  The header and button look great!


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