Kristine is girl who loves to read.  She has had a love for reading ever since she was little, when her Mom used to read her bed time stories.  Her favorite genres are YA, romance (especially historical romance and sports romance), paranormal, and cozy mysteries.  She also like to read steampunk, historical fiction, and chick lit.

Besides reading, she also loves watching Asian dramas, cooking, and crafty stuff like knitting, crocheting, and sewing.  Occasionally she watches TV, and her current favorite show is Once Upon a Time.  She is a sucker for a fairy tale and loves happy endings.

This blog was established in July 2009, but was started under a different name because I blogged about more than just reading before.  It did not become The Book Geek Diaries until later on, when I decided to dedicate this blog solely to books and reading.  It was established so that I could share my love of reading and my thoughts on all things related to books with others who have a love for books.


for the current header image: not sure; if you know, please let me know! I found it on weheartit.com
for the fonts: kevinandamanda.com
for book cover images: goodreads, author websites
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