Thursday, March 29, 2012


I saw several of the book bloggers I follow participating in this, so I checked it out and decided I want to join in too! There are several things I've been meaning to do with this blog, and here are just a few to get started.  I'm sure, over the course of the weekend, I'll be adding some more things to my to-do list.
  1. Reorganize labels. 04/01/12
  2. Create images for rating system. 04/01/12
  3. Create a more comprehensive (explanation of) rating system. 04/01/12
  4. Update challenge posts. 04/01/12
  5. Create a review archives page. 04/01/12
  6. Update Goodreads shelves and reviews.
  7. Write 2 reviews.
  8. Create a header and buttons. 03/31/12
  9. Create a signature. 03/30/12
  10. Update currently reading. 04/01/12
  11. Catch up on BBPOC panels.
  12. Picks books to read in April and create a list. 04/01/12
  13. Add current events/giveaways/blog hops to sidebar. 03/31/12
  14. Create post template for reviews. 03/31/12
  15. Visit other Bloggiesta participants!
WHEW!  That's quite a bit of work to do!  But this runs from March 30 to April 1, so I think I'll have time.  If you're interested in Bloggiesta, you can find out more here, and then you can sign up here.  Hope to see you there!  Good luck on your list, if you're participating. :)


  1. great list! I see you are already done with a few of your goals, keep going :D

  2. Love your goals on rating systems and such! I find review archives immensely helpful. I like your layout, it reminds me of coffee. :) Good luck!

  3. Your goals are great! so ambitious but in a great way!
    Hope you are off to a great start

  4. I'm loving your header! and your blog button! I hope you are working hard today!

  5. That's along list! I was reorganizing labels yesterday, too, and it  was a lot of work. I love your header!

  6. Look at you! You're doing great. I really hope you're able to finish your list.

    Alison at   The Cheap Reader



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