Friday, April 16, 2010

MYSTERY: Executive Privilege

Title: Executive Privilege
Series: n/a
Author: Phillip Margolin
Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Recorded Books
Format: Audio Book
# of pages: 10 discs = 11.5 hours
Source: Library

"Hired by a prestigious D.C. attorney and Presidential confidant, ex-cop turned private eye Dana Cutler shadows campaign volunteer Charlotte Walsh--documenting the lovely political science major's whereabouts with pictures and voicemails.  The boring surveillance becomes interesting one night when Charlotte has a clandestine meeting with the President of the United States.  After the 19-year-old's body mutilated body is found the next day, police conclude Charlotte's the latest victim of the D.C. Ripper.  But Dana has evidence that implicates someone in the White House.  Hoping to stay alive long enough to prove it, she hops on her Harley and roars away." - Back Cover

Review: This was the first audio book I ever listened to.  At first, I wasn't sure I liked it, but as I got further along into the story, I couldn't stop listening.   It was also the first Phillip Margolin book that I've ever read.

Usually, I only read cozy mysteries, so this whole reading of a Suspense/Thriller audio book was a new experience for me.  I'm not sure if it was the narrator or the author's writing that made this one of those "can't put down" stories, but both definitely contributed.  The storyline was excellent, as was the narrator's reading of it.  This story simultaneously unfolds on separate sides of the country, with parts taking place in Washington D.C. and parts taking place in Oregon.  I found it to have a nice pace, with clues and details slowly being revealed and everything coming together nicely.  I usually figure out whodunnit by the halfway point in the novel, but I actually couldn't figure out the real person behind it all, until quite near the end.  Also, the characters were very real, with flaws and depths to their personalities.  I really liked that.

All in all, I give it four and a half stars, just because I was able to figure  out whodunnit.  But I still really liked this, and this will definitely not be the last Phillip Margolin book that I read.  Nor will it be my last audio book.

Plot - ★★★★★
Characters - ★★★★★
Ending - ★★★★
Overall - ★★★★★

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