Friday, March 5, 2010

RRRC: Women We Love Challenge

RRRC Quarterly Challenge: March 1, 2010 - May 31st, 2010

1. Office/Clerical - Secretary, Assistant, Receptionist, etc.
2. Service Industry - Waitress, Maid, Hairdresser, Cashier, etc.
3. Professional Career Woman - Owns a business or any career that requires a college degree.
-> Rosalie Ronaldi is a Corporate Turnaround Expert in Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye (3/30/2010)
4. Life Saving/Medical - Nurse, Doctor, EMT, Lifeguard, etc.
5. Geek/Computers - Librarian, Accountant, Computers, etc.
6. Mom - Single mother, Widow, Homemaker, Pregnant, etc.
7. Traditional Man's Job - Military, Mechanic, Cop, Lumberjack, etc.
8. Works with children - Nanny, Au pair, Day care, Preschool, Pediatrician, etc.
9. School/Academic - Teacher or Student
-> Carlie McDaniels is an elementary school teacher in Impetuous by Lori Foster (3/5/2010)
10. Creative - Artist, Musician, Chef, Photographer, Writer, etc.

For PNR Fans:

1. vampire
2. shifter
3. witch
4. demoness
5. goddess

(I'll add the actual book titles when I read them)

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