Friday, March 5, 2010

Change in 101010 Challenge

So, I decided to change the Shakespeare category in my 101010 challenge, to the Georgia Nicholson books.  After watching the movie, I got interested in the rest of the storyline.  And so now, I'm going to read the complete series, which has 10 books.  Works out pretty perfectly, haha.

Also, I'm doing some other challenges too, and am interested in participating in still more challenges.  Challenges introduce you to so many new books!  I love it!  So the new ones that I've decided to take part in for now are ones I found in the Romance Readers Reading Challenges group on  Goodreads, under their "Dare You to Read" challenges.  The challenges I decided to partake in are: to read Line of Scrimmage by Marie Force in a month, to read The Last Time I Was Me by Cathy Lamb in a month, and to read the Sweet Magnolias series (4 books) by Sherryl Woods within 4 months.  Actually, the Sweet Magnolias series is going to come out with 3 more books this year, so that challenge might be extended.  So yeah, this doesn't seem too bad.  And I can use these books to cross challenge with my 101010 challenge.

There are many more challenges from the Romance Readers Reading Challenges (RRRC) group that I'm interested in.  I also have some I'm interested in from the Royal Reviews site.

So check back for more news on the challenges I'm participating in.  Also, I should have some reviews up next week! :)

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