Thursday, July 30, 2009

ROMANCE: Wait till Your Vampire Gets Home

Title: Wait till Your Vampire Gets Home
Subtitle: Undead fathers really know best.
Author: Michele Bardsley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
# of Pages: 283

Summary: Libby Monroe works as a paranormal investigator for Paranormal Research and Investigation Services (PRIS), which her parents founded. She winds up in Broken Heart, Oklahoma because rumor has it that Broken Heart is a breeding ground for the paranormal, so she's there to investigate. While there, she meets and falls in lust with a sexy vampire named Ralph Genessa, who also happens to be the father of two adorable boys. Unfortunately, she also runs into trouble, as the queen of the vamps won't let her leave Broken Heart. But soon, that's the least of her problems, as a dragon and an Ancient are out to get her, and they don't care who or what they destroy along the way...

Review: This is the fourth book in the series, but the first of the series that I've read. It can pretty much stand alone, though you won't know much background for the other characters if you don't read the other books first, I guess. Didn't really matter for me, though I do want to eventually get around to reading the others. The idea for the storyline was interesting, but it could be worked out better. Also, the romance was pretty lacking. I know I shouldn't expect romance novels to be realistic...but I can't help it. This was more than just unrealistic. There's an attraction between Libby and Ralph, sure. But there's no proof that the attraction is something real between them, and not just from the fact that they share a dragon's soul. Plus, they both fight the attraction until near the end. They don't really get to know each other at all. I mean, the characters are likable enough, except for "Uncle Archie." But the relationship between the two main ones leaves something to be desired. Oh yeah, Ash is pretty cool; probably my favorite character. Haha. I hope she has an upcoming story...

I've been putting off writing this review, because I just didn't know how I felt about this book. I probably could read it again, because it has a happy ending (and I love those), but I'm still unsure about if I'd consider it a good read. If I'm willing to read it again, that should mean it is...right? lol

Rating: ★★★

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