Thursday, July 30, 2009

HAUL: Library's Used Bookstore FTW!

I went to the library this past weekend, just to sit and read and relax, as well as to cool down since it was so hot. While there, I decided to stop at the Friends Bookstore, which sells used books to help raise funds for the library. I made a major haul there, though it's mostly Silhouette Desire books (I have an addiction to these. xD). I got 8 Silhouette Desire books (4 from The Hudsons of Beverly Hills series, 3 from the Park Avenue Scandals series, 1 from Royal Seductions series), the whole Heiress Brides series by Celeste Bradley (all 3 books!), hardback version of Girl with a Pearl Earring, as well as some others that I'm forgetting for only THREE DOLLARS! What a deal!

I'm hoping to go back soon, to try to see if I can find the rest of The Hudsons of Beverly Hills series, as well as the Park Avenue Scandals one. I love reading series books, as well as owning the whole series.

I also borrowed books from the library, and just finished reading one of the books I borrowed. Review for that to be posted, after this post. I was just so excited about my haul, I had to post about it. x]

Ooh...and I stopped by Borders yesterday to use my 30% off coupon. Ended up buying Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd, since I liked Trouble in High Heels and it's the next in the series. (There I go with the series thing again! haha)

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