Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Challenges

Alrighty, I'm here to post the year-long challenges I'm starting this year. First off is the 101010 challenge. Here are my categories:

1. Classics
2. Jane Austen Related
3. 1st in Series (that I haven't read yet)
4. From the Pages to the Big Screen
5. Asian Authors
6. YA
7. Fantasy
8. Mystery
9. Georgia Nicholson Books
10 Romance/Chick-lit

Next post will be the books I've read for these categories. Anyway, this is the only challenge I've officially signed up for, so far. Although, if I finish this, I'll be completing the read 100 books challenge, too. Another reading challenge I'm looking into is the Dewey Decimal Challenge. It looks interesting. :)

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