Thursday, June 18, 2009

ROMANCE: The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Title: The Scot, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Author: Annette Blair
Genre: Paranormal Romance
# of Pages: 269

Summary: After her Nana passes away, Victoria Cartwright inherits a key that will lead to her destiny. Or so it claims. But Victoria is just not ready to accept that she may just be a witch, even when all the signs are telling her so. Such as the key actually opening the mysterious wardrobe that no one else could open, or the fact that she makes rhyming wishes that come true. One such wish bringing her Rory MacKenzie, though he does have ulterior motives other than being her "knight on a white charger." He's looking to reclaim the unicorn, which he believes is rightfully his as one of his ancestors carved it. He believes it's the key to ending his family's curse and bring honor back to his family name, and he'll do anything he can to get it back. Now she's got a unicorn (thanks to that mysterious wardrobe) and a new employee/boarder whose bones she wants to jump. And oh yeah, her and Rory have been dreaming about each other, even before they met. Plus she has 3 psychic half-sisters who she's never met, but suddenly show up. All these, and she's still trying to convince herself she doesn't have magic...see how far that gets her... ;)

Review: The story dives right in, with Victoria opening to wardrobe to find the unicorn. Rory sees the unicorn on the "telly," when Victoria gets it appraised. He believes the unicorn is the key to ending his family's curse and bringing back respectability to his family's name. He travels across the Atlantic, and voila, they meet. Backstory is told along the way, to help fill in the blanks. There's misunderstanding and laughs along the way. Plenty of sexual innuendo. This is the first book I've read by Annette Blair. I would've loved to start with the first book of the trilogy, but oh well. I liked the plotline, but the main characters...not so much. Especially Victoria. I can't really stand her. She just seems so hostile towards Rory. Well, at least half of the time she is, and the other half she wants to jump him. Plus, she seems really insecure and way too wishy-washy with her belief in magic. One minute she'll be like "I don't have magic! Horrible thing to say!" and the next she'll be like, "Oh cool!" or "Retro," as she likes to say, and then back to the first. All in all, she seems like quite the flaky character. It's really tiring, and just made me want to scream, "MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!" The sex scenes were all right, though maybe a little too graphic as this seemed more like a cute read than one of those steamy ones. Also, I feel the author made it a bit unrealistic, emphasizing that Victoria could have many multiple orgasms way too many times. I think she even wrote that Victoria was the queen of mulitple orgasms. She also mentioned that Rory was the king of staying power. Yeah, it was quite unrealistic in my opinion. One thing I did like were her half-sisters, and hope to read their stories. It was a cute read, but probably not something I'd reread.

Rating: ★★

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