Monday, March 7, 2011

RRRC: Couch Potato Challenge: Classic TV Show Edition

DURATION: March 1 - May 31, 2011

Welcome Back Kotter -- Read a young adult book or a book set in high school or has a teacher as a main character.

Laverne & Shirley -- Read a book categorized as Chick Lit or a book featuring female friendships.

Happy Days -- (in honor of The Fonz) Read a book with a “bad boy” or a motorcycle riding character or a cover with a similar theme

WKRP in Cincinatti -- Read a book set in Ohio or has a DJ, radio personality or musician as a character.

Gilligan's Island -- Read a book which includes being stranded/surviving in an island/jungle or involves a shipwrecked or a book that has a beach scene cover.

One Day at a Time -- Read a book that has a divorced female or a single mother as a character.

Dallas -- Read a book set in Texas or in a ranch or has a rich oil baron or rancher as a character.

MASH -- Read a book that has a military character or set during a war-time period.

Hawaii 5-0 -- Read a mystery, a book set in Hawaii or a book that has a detective as a main character

E.R. -- Read a book with a hospital setting, or has a doctor or nurse as a main character

Green Acres -- Read a book that has a green cover, has a farm setting or an ‘opposites attract’ theme.

I Love Lucy! -- Read a book that has a red cover, or a funny book, or has a redhead as a main character.

The Brady Bunch -- Read a romance between people who already have children.

Star Trek -- Read a sci-fi/futuristic romance, or a story that involves aliens and/or space travel.

A- Team - Read a book that involves a band of warriors or has a mercenary soldier as a character.

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